Exploring the Scope of 5 Cool Money Websites You Should Check Out

Perhaps no platform has managed to handle close interactions with people than the money making sites. This is solely because such sites have emerged as strong programs that can be integratively leveraged for any cash earning purposes. However, all of them have differed at a greater extent with a few differentiating themselves through marketing analytics as well as through business process outsourcing services. Let’s take a closer look. The 5 cool money websites you should check-out:


Nerdwallet.com, true to its name, marks the dawning of a new season for your wallet to dish in extra dollars. And anytime as the net law makes it difficult for card issuers to charge extended, tricky fees on their customers, some are advancing less generously with any rewards they dole out. Luckily for Nerdwallet.com, a product of a fund analyst, it has extended the access and analytic capability of cool money by choosing the best card out of a 400 number of them to reward your money making process into prosperity and progress. Nerd wallet have also proven to be a cool money site for you to check out as it incorporates capabilities in entering the amount you are charged each month, the things you usually buy and many other capabilities in efforts to reward your card and money statuses.


Amazon affiliate program has also proven to be another integrative and customizable cool money deal to check out. And every time, Amazon has taken money transformation a step further by allowing bloggers and site owners to advertise Amazon-based daily life and basic products, which when brought through your site, awards you a good share of the sell. Indeed, it has been through such marketing matrixes that the site has increased its performance and operational efficiency in both the site and blogosphere.

Amazon starts countdown to Black Friday sales

Amazon starts countdown to Black Friday sales


According to the 2011 review magazine, Clickbank affiliates was rated as the top affiliate site in US. And ever since, the site has steered its transformation and progress further through the provision of an equitable bridge between affiliate marketers and service vendors. And anytime, Clickbank has created industry-focused and value-scope solutions for cool money hence supplying basic operational capabilities and particularly in an outsourced basis.

Google ads

Well known as a reputable leader in the internet marketing niche, Google has not been left behind in cool money solutions. Indeed, through the highly famed Google adsense, you can easily leverage the Google ads through the adsense for higher revenue earnings. And anytime, relying on proven enterprise software such as adsense has been yet another important component of the decisions successful people are using to foster their day-to-day earnings.

Digital Marketing Services

Digital Marketing Services


It would be incomplete to wrap off our 5 cool money website discussion without a mention of VigLinks affiliates. By offering the in-text affiliate program, Viglinks has made a comeback with a notorious stunt. And from time to time, Viglinks affiliate program offers its partners exclusive access to brilliant money-making strategies through which specified keywords get converted into highly integrative and customizable affiliate links. However, for you to reap maximum benefits through VigLinks, your site must be in a position to host highly engaging, unique and interactive content and information. Through such sites, you can now advance steadily into professional money making.

Top 3 Effective Email Writing Tips

Gone are the days when messengers have to ride for hours to hand-carry your letters and proposals. So are the days where a friendly postman come trotting on your drive way making friends with your dogs. Today, emails virtually become the means of communication that one individual has over another, whether in business or personal. With the constant use of emails, everyone should have been master by now in this aspect. Yet, today, a lot of miscommunication and unfounded disputes can also emanate from emails gone bad. By learning to write effective communication, you can steer clear of such a dilemma. With these certain points in mind, you can finally learn to write emails in an effective manner engaging your reader and increasing your chances in either personal or professional growth.

Outline Important Points of Your Email

Learn the value of outlining. The best of plans usually come from amazingly sketched outlines. Identify carefully what important points you wish to partake and create an outline of these. It does not have to be thorough but rather bulleted points on what you want to achieve through effective written communication. If you are writing a promotional email, you might want to outline basic features of the product and services then, the benefits that it can give to your potential clients receiving the email.

Effective Email Marketing

Effective Email Marketing

Clearly Define Your Purpose on Topics Involved

Be definitive when expounding your outline. Let your outline be your guide on how the email message will flow. A clearly defined purpose or objective will help convey important aspects of your message to the reader without giving him or her difficulty of deciphering what it means and for what reasons. Be pleasant when opening but not too flowery or the reader will discard it as just some promotional propaganda. If you want your email not to go directly to the spam folder, write an engaging title that piques the reader’s curiosity. Satisfy this curiosity with a well-organized epistle to effectively get your points across.

Be Concise and Direct By Using Simple Words

Simplicity is an important aspect when it comes to writing emails. Whether for marketing aspects or for personal use, plain language usage must be practiced. Unless you are writing a letter to woo a woman, avoid flowery and filler words which can only make things more confusing. The use of archaic languages and foreign-sounding lingo are a no-no. Your email must be easy to digest and should be an explanation in itself. Keep in mind that you will not be physically present to hand it over. Making sure that the email can explain clearly what you wisdom you wish to partake can be easily done through the use of simple words in a concise and direct fashion.

Top Tips for Young Writers

Top Tips for Young Writers

When it comes writing emails, proofreading your work must be done before sending. Try to read and re-read your epistle out loud. Sometimes, the best way to check for erroneous grammatical parsing and misspelled words is through reading out loud. Feel free to use spell checks and other online platforms which can help in recognizing confusing and erroneous aspects of your email. If you may, a third person like a friend or a colleague at work or a proofreader can do the review for you to ensure that you get it perfectly done. This is even more important when you are writing an email for a promotional campaign or for a job application.

Looking For A Siri Alternative For Your Android?

Gone are the days, when your mobile was just for connecting with people through phone calls. Nowadays, with the advancements in technology, your smartphone has got the entire world at your finger tips. Yet, typing seems to boring! Isn’t it? Are you tired of typing on your smartphone? How about a voice assistant? Yes! I am talking about the virtual assistant, Siri!

Let’s say you are a crazy Android fan or you resist the Apple’s products because of the high price tags. But, when it comes to Siri, you would have wished to have it. If yes, then forget Siri. Here I have listed the top 5 Siri alternatives, just for the Android enthusiasts:

Siri Alternative Apps for Android

Siri Alternative Apps for Android

Skyvi – The Voice App for Android

Just like the Siri app, you can do a lot of things using this virtual assistant. Skyvi will do many things for you, starting from sending text messages, finding locations, calling your contacts, getting directions, playing music, telling jokes, updating your social media status, retrieving weather information, and so on. With several interesting features, this alternative definitely seems to be impressive.

Iris – The Perfect Rival for Siri

Does the name ring bells? Yes, it’s Siri in reverse! To put across simply, it’s an attempt to replicate Siri. With an amazing user interface, Iris does everything you would expect like text or call anybody, search for nearby locations, get worldwide news, play music or video songs, make movie recommendations, tell jokes, answer any kind of question on culture, history, science and more, sets alarms, provides weather reports, updates social networking profiles, etc. Iris is slightly different from the other alternatives, with an extraordinary speech recognition system.

Four Android alternatives for Siri that can maximize your business potential

Four Android alternatives for Siri that can maximize your business potential

Vlingo – A Great Virtual Assistant

It’s probably one of the best voice control apps available for Android. With incredible features, Vlingo allows you to send emails and text messages, find local restaurants, search local businesses, open various apps, update Facebook and Twitter status, buy movie tickets, just with your voice commands. In my opinion, I don’t think this app lacks anything. In the sense, Vlingo will be the perfect virtual partner for you.

EVA Intern – An Amazing Intern

Have you met Eva? No! Then, you are really missing a great app! With similar features of Siri, Eva Intern can do anything that you want such as, playing music, sending texts or emails, setting alarms, etc. What’s more interesting is the car mode functionality in the app that allows you to give voice commands even while driving. In simple words, this alternative is nothing short of Siri.

Robin – The Siri Challenger

According CNET, Robin has the depth, while Siri has the breadth. With a wide range of features, this alternative provides you with any information you ask for. Robin does all the basic tasks for you like give you directions and info about traffic and parking, provide you with locations of nearby gas stations and the gasoline prices, send text messages, set reminders and alarms, tells jokes, and so on. In short, Robin will be the best alternative for Siri.

These are just a few apps that tops the list of Siri alternatives. If you are looking for the best Siri alternative, then check these apps and choose the one that will fulfill all your needs. Remember, none of the apps is perfect, including Siri. So, just spend a few minutes (or hours if needed) with these apps and get to know the one that best suits you.