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I ran this site for ten years (1998-2008) as a volunteer project. Recently it's been difficult for me to update the site in a timely fashion, and I'd been wondering whether I should give up. Then some Florida CM'ers undertook a campaign to deluge me with email asking for their listing to be updated -- as though that would help me get to it sooner, and as though I should move them ahead of the dozens of other cities already waiting in queue for their update. Even when I explained that I have, literally, over 10,000 messages in my In Box, they didn't care:

SUPER FUCK YOU THEN! I hope this wastes your WHOLE day thinking up a reply to this. ... why am I sharing this with you? Oh yeah, to waste your precious time! Your an elitist FUCK. ... How much time of yours have I wasted now? I have wasted enough of my time trying to be nice to you, doing all but stroking your hair back to get you to change TWO FUCKING FIVES into TWO S***** SEVENS! I think your scag mother should think about building a time machine and going BACK in time and have second thoughts about FUCK*** your dad the prison guard. ... Feel free to post the sht out of this so it wastes even MORE time from your 10,005 eek mails. ... HEY CALL ME 561-633-3742. We'll talk about how busy you AREN'T! ... Let me know how much time I have wasted of yours but don't stop the clock until you hang up with me you self-righteous prick. Oh yeah before you pick up the phone, focus on this: SUPER FUCK YOU! [This was posted to their forum and emailed to me personally.]

So okay, I'm done. I encourage people to seek Critical Mass information on the Critical Mass Wiki, and more importantly, to help update it. A community effort is the best way to ensure that ride info is updated in a timely fashion.

Ride on,

Michael Bluejay
January 2009