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Friday 30th January 2009

Critical Mass Bike Ride

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30th January 2009



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/img/criticalmassnottm1.jpgNottingham's Critical Mass Bike Ride has new people with new energies.

See November Ride Report and pics at Notts Indymedia

The 'last Friday in the month' ride gathers in the Old Market Square at 5pm.

"We are not blocking the traffic - We are Traffic!"

Critical Mass for everyone who rides a bike in Nottingham and wants to take part - join the discussion group at

The ride lasts no more than a couple of hours (depending on the weather!), ending in a conveniently placed pub or the Sumac Bar for a few drinks.

You might like to check out rides and other bike activities with Pedals, 'The Power Behind Nottingham's Cyclists'.

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Critical Mass is often described as an 'unorganised coincidence'. It happens when a lot of cyclists happen to be in the same place at the same time and decide to cycle the same way together for a while.


"Everyday, all over the world, people are resisting the problem culture of the car by getting on their bikes and riding, instead of driving.

Critical Mass is a celebration of the alternatives to cars, pollution, accidents and the loss of public spaces and freedoms.

Not an organisation or group, but an idea or tactic, Critical Mass allows people to reclaim cities with their bikes, just by getting together and out-numbering the cars on the road"


Each one is different and they follow no set route, with the direction being spontaneously chosen as people cycle along. Anyone is free to join or leave the ride as it pedals along.

See also

There may be a A chance for all cyclists to gather in the warmth face to face on the last Friday before the last Friday!
Unconfirmed: Someone to confirm if/where/when this is happening please

Roadhog cartoon by BrickOn Tuesday 15th Feb 05 there was an Anti-war Anti-g8 Critical Mass in Nottingham.

Around 30 cyclists gathered at about 3pm in Nottingham for a critical mass ride with the theme of 'no more blood for oil' and 'no G8 2005'.

We set off towards the city centre and went round and round a key roundabout in the city centre until we became victims of our own sucess, ie we couldn't move because the roundabout was backed up with stationary traffic!

We then set off through the centre of Nottingham and down to another key roundabout with chants of 'no more blood for oil' and 'get out your car and on your bike'.

The drivers must have supported us because they were all beeping like mad at us. One or two suv drivers seemed particularly inconvenienced, especially when they tried to pass us by mounting the pavement which they suddenly found to be blocked by bikes.

We cycled round for around two hours and fun was had by all.

As reported on Indymedia at, where more photos can be viewed ... Also at Tash's FotoBlog.

April 2005 pictures & report at
(We are registered here!)

Wheel Meet Again
from SchNEWS 515 - 7th Oct'05

Cyclists on last month’s London Critical Mass ride found themselves being issued with letters from the Met, threatening arrests at future rides, unless the ‘organisers’ give notice of the route at least six days in advance, and warning that the police can impose restrictions on the rides. The letter states the Met are reviewing their ‘policy’ towards Critical Mass. So….get on yer bike for the Capitals Biggest Mass Ever on Friday the 28th. Meet up point is on the South Bank, under Waterloo Bridge at 6pm. There is no set route and anyone is free to join - as long as you’re on unpowered wheels.

See for a copy of the Met's hate mail to CM and the Masses response to it. These rides have been taking place in London for 11 years with no trouble, so this sudden intolerance can only be seen as further erosion of our freedom of movement.

I park in bike lane, top Tory declares
A Senior Tory councillor has declared that he parks his car in a bike lane every morning.
Nottingham Evening Post Report : 19 May 2005.
Drop him a line or, if he wants to park in our bike lane, why not cycle around his road?
His address is:
Martin Brandon-Bravo OBE, Old Farm House, 27 Rectory Place, Barton-in-Fabis, Nottingham NG11 0AL

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