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The Liverpool Social Forum (LSF) is an anti-capitalist group. We exist to bring about a fair, free and sustainable society - without hierarchy, discrimination or the exploitation of people, animals and the planet for profit

The LSF is not a formal organisation. It is a meeting place where groups and individuals who are committed to bringing about a better world can find ways to work together. No one person or group is in charge, but all cooperate to meet common goals.

The LSF exists to support and take action within our local communities and in solidarity with grassroots struggles elsewhere in the world. We work to defend ourselves and our communities from attacks by business and government through direct action, campaigning work and education, and through sharing skills and resources.

Meetings are on the second Tuesday of every month, at the Liverpool Social Centre, in the basement at 96 Bold Street, Liverpool city centre. (Entrance next door to News From Nowhere Bookshop - ring bell labelled 'basement'). New people always welcome.

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