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Cambridge Critical Mass

Last Upated: 25/05/2006

After a fairly sucessful ride or two in the Summer of 2005 and a few 'one off' rides in 2006, Cambridge Critical Mass has never really managed to get that critical, although people have shown interest.

Map of Market SquareAt the moment, the current plan is for people interested in getting a Critical Mass together to try and meet on the last Friday every month at 6.30pm in Cambridge Market Square.

Alternatively, get in touch with the Cambridge Action Network and go along to one of their meetings if you want to get involved in promoting a critical mass in Cambridge.

It happen's everywhere else, why not in Cambridge?

A biking couple.Critical Mass is an event held on the last Friday of every month in over 200 cities around the world, where bicyclists, skateboarders, roller bladers, roller skaters and other self-propelled people take to the streets en masse.

Critical Mass has no leaders, and no goals other than to meet once every month and enjoy the security of riding, rolling and travelling through the city together. Read a longer description of Critical Mass.

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